Credit Card FAQ
1) When seeking a new credit card, many companies offer incentives. Be sure to understand the offer and what to expect after the trial period ends. For example, some companies offer low or no interest for a specified time. When the offer ends, your interest rate could jump as high as 24%!

2) When applying for a new credit card, always read terms thoroughly for hidden costs, etc...

3) Always try for the lowest annual percentage interest rate.

4) Look for no annual fee or low annual fee credit cards.

5) Try to pay more than minimum payments requested, to keep finance charges down.

6) Keep a record of all your credit card numbers with telephone numbers, just in case they are lost or stolen.

7) If you receive a "rewards" program credit card, be sure to take advantage of the program. Recent studies have shown that few people ever use the rewards program associated with their credit card.

8) Be sure that the credit card you are signing up for is issued by a known bank. There are lots of card offers out there One way to know is if you notice that there isn't a Visa or MasterCard logo anywhere on the front of the credit card.

9) When applying for a secured credit card, be sure to find out how long your deposit has to remain in their bank. The interest rate paid on these deposits is minimal. It's important to factor that in before you make your decision. It may not be worth putting a large deposit in their bank in order to have a higher credit limit on your secured card.

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